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Brain Injury

  • With more than 1.5 million Americans affected by Traumatic Brain Injury per year, the need for a rehabilitation resource for these patients and their family and/or support systems remains absolutely critical. At OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital, we provide a patient centered approach which focuses on challenging patients to regain their lost functional independence through an individualized plan of care focused on overall recovery.

    The multidisciplinary team at OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital will challenge the various aspects of the patient’s injury to help facilitate an early and successful recovery. The team will not only address the medical needs of the patient but will also focus on the physical, emotional, psycho-social and cognitive needs that the patient has after suffering a brain injury.

    Based on the needs listed above, our individualized team approach helps brain injury patients to:

    • maximize arousal and responsiveness
    • develop new cognitive and behavioral strategies to compensate for any deficits
    • improve physical function and mobility to enhance the skills needed to perform daily activities
    • overcome the psychological and social problems that often interfere with the adjustment to an independent life at home, work and/or in the community

    The Brain Injury program at OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital also focuses on providing patients and families and/or support systems the education that is essential for a successful recovery. From a general orientation to brain injury to individualized educational sessions with treatment encounters, our educational process is facilitated early on in the rehab process to allow for patients and families to have a better grasp of the changes occurring in their present lives.