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  • Ohio Health Rehabilitation Hospital provides an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with amputation. The overall goal of the program is to provide the patient and their families/support systems with the skills and education to continue with their regular lives with an amputation.

    Our comprehensive approach to amputee rehabilitation focuses on the post-surgical, prosthetic and outpatient/reintegration phases to:

    • address proper wound care and limb management 
    • increase an individual's strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, and decrease pain 
    • provide the expert fitting and custom-manufacture of a prosthesis to meet personal lifestyle needs 
    • train individuals to use their prosthesis with confidence and comfort, and avoid complications 

    In fact, Ohio Health Rehabilitation Hospital offers an unparalleled continuum of care – inpatient through outpatient – to enhance each patient's recovery, enabling individuals to build on the strengths and skills they have acquired.

    The Amputee program at Ohio Health Rehabilitation Hospital also provides patients and families / support systems with the appropriate education that is necessary to help facilitate life after an amputation. The educational process begins with a general orientation and progresses to the individualized therapy and nursing sessions to help patients overcome each of their obstacles. A significant component of this educational process is to also provide patients and families with the appropriate psycho-social support to help adapt to the lifestyle changes which might be a result of the amputation.