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Our Patients

    • JaneLeahy-110x110.jpg

      Jane Leahy

      In the middle of the night, Jane Leahy got up to use the bathroom. The next thing she remembers is waking up on the floor.  The 78-year-old wasn’t sure what happened, but did not seek medical attention. However, as the day went on, she started… View more

    • Elisabeth-Milbaugh-photo.jpg

      Elisabeth Milbaugh

      Elisabeth (Lisa) Milbaugh, a 61-year-old retired pharmacist, was independent and living alone. She enjoyed reading, crossword puzzles, knitting and watching her son and other family members participate in amateur racing. Then, she developed a… View more

    • Christina McClenaghan

      Christina McClenaghan

      Whether taking reservations or welcoming guests for dinner, Christina McClenaghan’s effervescent personality turns strangers into friends at Polaris, a popular Columbus, Ohio restaurant. A year and a half ago, a stroke threatened to dim her… View more

    • Kyle-Sherman

      Kyle Sherman

      Kyle was a substitute teacher preparing for his first full-time job teaching math at a local high school. Over the summer, he dove into a pool and sustained a spinal cord injury that caused paralysis. He was admitted to OhioHealth Rehabilitation… View more

    • Dan-Hiel

      Dan Heil

      Like most people, independence is everything to Dan Heil, a 53-year-old resident of Galloway, Ohio. “It prevents me from having to rely on people for everything and that gives me peace of mind,” Dan says. On Nov. 4, 2013, Dan, suffered a… View more